01.10-11.10.2020 Italy



Tomorrow morning I deliver Zenta at Annegrethes place, drive to Aalborg, fly to Amsterdam at 12.00, proceed to Rome at 14.25, where I have rented a car. Stay one night at Bella Roma Luxury Accommodation, Vatican City. And leave Rome Friday afternoon to go southeast.Back in Aarhus next Friday night.


Nice little room in Bella Roma Luxury Accommodation, Vatican City Via Germanico 109, with free parking in the street outside – if there is free space. 38 € pr. night.

Some square at the Vatican

Roman Pictures

I was on my way from the Vatican to Colosseum when I saw these two young women, sitting completely occupied by there phones, so I decided to take a picture of them. Unfortunately, one of them looked up just as I pressed the button.I sat down with them and had a cup of coffee, and we talked. Nelly is from Bolivia but now lives in London. Ana is from Iran but lives in Düsseldorf.We spent the following 2-3 hours together, visiting the Colosseum which unfortunately closed just as we came there.

Some old Roman trash

And this is me in front of the Colosseum

Roman portraits

Roman musician

Photos from Nonno Severino, about a kilometer from the center of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.
But I can absolutely not recommend this place. It is run by an old man, and when I was leaving he wanted me to pay. I told him that I had already paid to , He said now and we started an argument, finally he grabbed my cabin suitcase and wouldn’t let go. Only when some German guests came and explained for him in Italian that I had paid but would check with my bank and of course pay if it was not OK, did he let me have my cabin suitcase and I left.The lady who owns the place where I am staying now was not surpriced when I told the story. She said that he is not normal.

04.10.2020 Today I first drove 10 km. to Rocca Calascio, a fantasic beautiful area

And then I drove 18 km. to Campo Imperatore – an even more beautiful trip. This it s where Mussolini was held prisoner after his fall from power until he was he was liberated by German commandos in September 1943

04.10: La Bifora e Le Lune

And after my trip to Campo Imperatore I drove back to Santo Stefano di Sessanio, where I had booked a room at La Bifora e Le Lune. The names means bifora and the moons. Bifora is a special window which showed that here live people of importance.

04.10: La Bettola di Geppetto

And tonite I went to eat at a small humble restaurant called La Bettola di Geppetto. All restaurants here in Santo Stefano di Sessanio are famous for their simple, local, natural and sustainable food.I had four pieces of bread with (cannot remember the word now), olive oil, cheese as a starter and after that grilled lamb with mixed salad, sorbet ice for desert, and a bootle of sparkling water and a glass of wine.And IT TASTED FANTASTIC – for only € 21!
Their menu is here, and on my way back home, Santo Stefano di Sessanio looked even more charming 🙂

Breakfast and goodbye to La Bifora e Le Lune, Via Della Chiesa, Santo Stefano di Sessanio

And then on the road to B&B Salsedine, 3 Piazza Bisceglie 3, Termoli

B&B Salsedine, 3 Piazza Bisceglie 3, Termoli

On the road to Peschici


B&B Villa Pacifica in Peschici, 43 € for one night

06.10.2020 Peschici

And then on the road from Peschici to B&B Al Gravattone26 Vico Baresa VIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II, 54, Venosa – in pissing rain most of the time

And then to Napples, Casa Roger, 6 Via Leone Marsicano, Materdei, Napoli

Naples, these two girls were playing under sharp monitoring of their mother. No kindergarden here!

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