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Getting my new Zenta

After a week in Lisbon (flew from Hanover) I picked  up my new Zenta  in A Sense of Pleasure in Porta Westphalica, 50 km. west of Hanover.
When I got there, there was a family from Belgium to pick up one of Zenta’s siblings. The next day a family was to come from Paris – and at the end of the week one from Croatia! So it was a really nice place! 
I had brought a small cardboard box with a blanket, which stood on my lap and I had sprayed it with Adaptil which is a synthetic pheromones that mimic the female dog’s own natural pheromones and have a calming effect on your dog in stressful situations. 
And we started the journey home of 555 km.
It went well. The first few hundred kilometers Zenta whied something, but she was out peeing and running around a bit, and from Hamburg she slept safely.
And then it went really well otherwise.
I set the alarm clock to ring every three hours so she could get out and after 4 days she was clean.

Zenta in her new home

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My second Zenta 20150609


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