My diary

Many years ago, around 1970, I met a girl named Gitte a night at the jazz restaurant “Tagskægget” in Aarhus.
She studied to become a teacher.
We made an appointment that I should come and visit her the next evening, she had a small room at the upper floor in this building (I think) at Søndre Ringgade at the red marking.
Before I went there I stuffed all my pockets with condoms 🙂
When I arrived she was preparing for next days teaching so I waited unpatiently, but finally she was ready for me, and we took off our clothes and laid down on the bed.I had always been a really clown with condoms and had big problems putting it on.
But finally I succeeded and we made love – good love 🙂
I don’t remember how many times we made love, maybe 3-4 times, I was a young man at that time 🙂
When I was strugling the third or fourth time with the condom I noticed that Gitte was laughing, and I asked why.
“I am using a spiral” she gigled.
I became a little irritated and asked “Why didn’t you tell me”.
“Because it looked so funny” she answered.
That could have made me impotent for the rest of my life 🙂