20220821 Morocco

Leaving Copenhagen

So I got stuck in Paris – CDG, named after the horrible Charles de Gaulle. I always book a seat with extra legroom, but there weren’t any more, and the lady at the travel agency said that business class cost almost the same – DKK 800 for the whole trip, so I bought that.
And it has the advantage that you get access to the Air France/KLM lounge.
In Copenhagen I didn’t get to enjoy it very much, but I got here to Paris at 17 and don’t have to leave until 21.35, so I have full enjoyment of this huge lounge with all the delights of the table.
And considering that I can sit in a peaceful lounge a total of 4 times (Copenhagen and Paris and on the way home Marrakesh and Paris), super Wi-Fi and extra legroom and extra good service on board the plane, it’s actually touchingly cheap.
I’ll have to remember that the next time I  fly 🙂


Goats climbing argan trees on the way from  Marrakech to Essaouira, They eat the fruits from the tree.

Visit on Cooperative Marjana, 14km. before Essaouira




My hotel in Essouira Riad al Medina, 9 Rue Al Atarine

In Morocco riad means a large traditional house built around a central courtyard, often converted into a hotel.


Visit on the fishing harbour,½ km. from my hotel

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Fishermen at the harbour




Essouira – people, dogs and cats in the street

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