11-20.09.2019 Beijing

From September 11 to September 20, I traveled with Apollo to Beijing, where I stayed at the Penta Hotel, a nice centrally located hotel with a room of 32 square meters.
The price was at 9,582 kr. without breakfast. Furthermore, I paid DKK 200 to Heycars for transport from the airport and the same the other way.

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But this is ABSOLUTELY the last time I’ve put my legs in China.

Before I could even get there, I had to go to Copenhagen to get a visa. The trip over there cost 500 kroner, visa cost 1,100 kroner and it cost 427.50 kr to have it sent!

When I came to China, I found out that Xi Jinping had blocked Facebook, Google Translate, Google Maps, etc. Total stupidity!

One afternoon I walked at the Tiananmen Square. There were police and soldiers everywhere, and suddenly we were told to get away in a certain direction. I told a police officer that my hotel was in the opposite direction. But he didn’t give a shit. All streets were blocked and I walked a lap of 7-8 km. to get back to my hotel!

But the Chinese are VERY friendly. But it was almost impossible to find someone in the street who spoke English – although I was told several times that they are taught English in the school.

Visit to The Secret City and The Great Wall

From a stroll around the city

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Tour to The Secret City and The Great Wall

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