My diary

My diary, started 30.10.2020


Today, Zenta and I went for a walk downtown – as we do 1-2 times a week.
When we came to the Town square there was a demonstration with 75-100 participants. I asked one of them what is was all about. “We are demonstrating against the governments order to wear a face mask. It’s against our right to freedom”.
I asked him it it is also against his right to freedom to forbid him to drive 150 km/h on the country roads.
If the car is made for driving so fast, the brakes are good and so on, it would be ok to drive 150 km/h” he answered.
I replied if it is not in accordance with my liberties to drive 150 km/h in my old car with bad brakes.
“That’s not the same, he said”.
I asked what the difference is.
“Noone knows if a face mask is necessary and if it helps” he answered – looking like now he got me.
I mentioned that the vast majority of our scientists says that it is necessary and that it helps.
“They have been bought by the
I asked what the difference was, and I am not going to refer the nonsense he c

Det er jo ikke meningen, at vi skal ånde den luft ind, som vi lige har åndet ud. Det er forurenet luft, og du risikerer at få vand i lungerne og blive meget syg




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