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Are you not Danish?  So far, I have written my posts here in English because I thought that some of my guests do not understand Danish. But I am not sure and would like to find out. So if you are not Danish but understand English, please send me a note to language@nielsgraverholt.dk

In due time, it will contain
– diaries and photos and video from my travels abroad
– my articles and reflections over actual matters and perhaps also links to articles from others
– photo galleries

But it is not made for you

Professionals advice persons who are developing dementia and their spouses to write down stories and collect pictures and different objects from the demented and their common history, because they can be very useful for the family and for the care staff at the nursing home where the demented will be living – so they can use this knowledge to try to talk with the patient.

And you never know when you become demented, and although two family doctors, a psychiatrist and a psychologist claim that I am not demented, I do not feel safe. With the experiences I have had with doctors, including psychiatrists, during the last year or two I do not trust them and I have not respect at all for their professional skills.

So therefor I am working on this, so that my future care staff have something to talk with me about.

But now that it is here, you are also welcome to read and look – and not least to comment.

September 19, 2017